Saturday, January 22, 2011


Do I do the humane thing?
Is there a humane way?
The trap is quick.
But so ICKY!
Poison is easy.
But then I have to find where
the stinky dead mouse dies. UGH

Did I mention that I have 4...yes..4 cats.? So why do I have a mouse in my kitchen? Because all the cats are sleeping in the living room...that's why.


  1. Cats may work if mice are their only are their only food source. I prefer the sticky can always find that mouse. Great to have you back as a part of the Sunday 160.

  2. sounds like you need to have a talk with the cats...we used those sticky pads to catch them...

  3. that picture is about perfect! My cat is mean, but still she does not do mice; I think she feels it's abover her :) Good luck catching that little sneaky quick animal...