Sunday, September 20, 2009

just so you know, i spent my day off cleaning some more. revacuumed (with my vacuum that doesn't suck) i really need to get a new one. then just because i could, i gave all 3 dogs a bath, not at the same time. first BooBoo, the basset beagle mix. she was really easy.

then badger, the border collie. after his bath he went out and rolled in the dirt (little piece of shit that he is)

then berit, my shepherd. she got her bath outside with the hose. funny how a dog who loves her pool hates to get a bath. she is the only purebred dog i have, and as mike says, she is an embarassment to her breed. you have seen pictures of magestic shepherds doing bomb sniffing and drug sniffing and rescuing people in buildings and stuff? well, my dog at th
e age of almost 5, still spends a lot of time chasing her tail and barking at herself while she does it. find a bomb or drugs? not even if there was a pork chop tied to it. but she pulls a mean bicycle.

did i ever get a nap or read a book? no i did not. and now its time to start dinner..i was going to do honey chili chicken, but i think i'll do tacos instead, afterall, it's still my day off.
boy, even i can't believe the run of good luck i had this week. last week i worked 60 hours..and this week i have a 3 day weekend!!!when i first saw my schedule for winco i was so excited i almost peed myself (wait..i can do that without even being excited) i was supposed to only demo on friday, but when i got there the power was out all over that end of town, and was going to be out for several more hours, so i got to go home. so yesterday i decided i would do outside work and today inside work. i mowed the front yard and cleaned out my bird bath and bird feeders, then i mowed the back and cleaned it all up and watered..watered..watered. The next week our temps are going to be in the 100's again (will this summer never end). Even though the days are hot, the nights are way the pool is to cold to get in...which pretty much sucks. anyway, when i got all of that done, it was only 3 p.m. so i decided to at least start the inside. i mopped, dusted, did dishes and laundry, cleaned the carpets..i even got the great and humongous cob web up in the was a work of art. one night last week i came home and someone had left the light on in the living room for me..but they had aimed it up at the cobweb (the sherlock holmes in me deduced that it was a hint or a clue about something). i almost hated to vacuum it up (with my vacuum cleaner that doesn't suck). now, hear this, i can't believe i am saying this..but after i walk the dogs and go grocery shopping..i have NOTHING TO DO!!! maybe just water outside, but thats almost like nothing..and there are some plants to be dug up and moved, but its way to hot for that. i can just take a nap or read a book or watch some crappy tv. so, i would like to thank god for the sparrows that they say caused the power outage (but the same thing happened in another part of town about a month ago, and they blamed the sparrows then). if this were a bad scifi (syfy???i still hate that), movie, i would be keeping my eyes on the skies and watching them "thar birds.
on a more personal note...i still did not buy new underwear. i guess it is some kind of mental block. if i don't go get a tyrannasaurus rex size of undies, then i won't have to admit how much weight i have put on. and now i nee
d new jeans too. someone once told me that my jeans always wear out in the inseam because my thighs rub together when i walk..but i refuse to believe that. i think it is because every pair i buy are made with defective denim (that's my story and i'm sticking to it). and i also need new shoes. unfortunately, with my bad foot, i can't just walk into walmart and buy a $20 pair of shoes. last year, after years of misery i finally found shoes that don't hurt my feet when i walk ( and i walk 10 hours every night). they cost $99 (that's a pair..not a gross), so getting a pair of shoes is a major investment for me, but they do last for several months.
i saw my sister friday. the only time i see her is if i stop at bimart where she works. she doesn't visit here because her and
my dad had a disagreement a few years back. actually, so did my dad and i a couple of years ago, and he doesn't talk to me either. thats a long story for another time though. Cindy said she finally got Direct TV. she lives so far out in the sticks that she only got one station (and she had to stand on her mobile with a tinfoil hat and a lightning rod pointing 30 degrees north to get that). now she can join the rest of the world and have 60 channels of crappy tv instead of just one.
i am sitting here thinking that i could be like my mom. she has spent several weeks cleaning her shelves and putting new paper in them. i don't get it. unless i am moving out, then surface clean is good enough for me. i do occasionally go through the cupboards and restack the dishes, bowls and pots. whenever emily or mike or tim put the dishes away i think they just toss stuff in and shut the door before it can fall back out, so when i come along and open
a door bowls, cups and things fall out. they don't seem to understand the concept of "nesting" smaller bowls inside bigger bowls etc..wait..what's that you say?? they understand it, but actually picking one up to put a bigger one beneath it is to time consuming. oh well, i guess i should just be glad i don't keep silverware in the cupboards..i would have lost an eye by now (must be how The Duke got his big break).
well, time to go grocery shoppin
g. Am i the only one who leaves home with a list of 30 things yet comes home with a whole trunk load of stuff? as i walk through the store i am adding things to my list from 2 aisles over that i forgot to write down, but i will also forget by the time i get to that aisle. and when i ask mike what he wants for dinner this week, he just says "things" there's a big help. i already walked the dogs, so once i get home..what will i do?

and in response to a question from my friend sheri..i deleted my ted kennedy blog, because even though i think he was a hypocritical scumbag, i have a hard time being mean to a dead person. afterall, dead is dead, and i am sure he has already had to answer to a way higher power than me for his actions on this rock.