Friday, December 3, 2010

Ever notice that no one mentions
fact that you are driving on a
one way street
unless you are
driving the
WRONG way on the
one way street?
Much ado then. :)

Tim and I went to our once a year Trailblazer game a month ago. Every time we go I remember our first trek up there. I was lost, kind of scared and worried we were going to miss the game. Every street is packed and one know how it is. Finally I saw a group of people just standing around and one was wearing a uniform, like a cop or guard. And miracle of miracles...the road in front of them had a place to park. So I whipped in, rolled down my window and said "can you tell me how to get to the Rose Garden?" And the uniform guy says "No, and you better get off the tracks cause the train is coming." Well, duh. And then once I took my older son shopping and when we pulled out of the lot he said "um, Mom, this is a one way street...and it ain't the way you are going". Well, duh..again. But, that is why I asked my question. I drive one way streets almost daily and no one finds it pertinent to open their window and let me know I am on one. And there is no honking of the horns or middle finger waving just to celebrate the fact that we are all on a one way street. But let one poor sap (me) even go 10 feet the wrong way..and the celebration begins.
P.S. Sorry I posted early, but only have one day a week off so it was now or never.


  1. This may be the earliest 160 post ever. Portland can be confusing. Just watch those arrows. Thanks for playing.

  2. Ohhhh "On the road again," one of my favorite songs! I got my life back on the road in the late 1970's! And I drove around the country for almost a full year. Discovered that this was a fun world to live in. And I got well! This was one of my liberating songs!! Thanks for posting! Thanks for your blogging too. Very sincere and healing! Best wishes for the years to come,

  3. Excellent point my friend. lol