Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday night, mike will be home soon. i was just reading comments here from sheri. she mentioned an old high school "cheerleader " that found her on facebook and was chit-chatty. funny how life is. in school the same cheerleader would never have spoken to some of us. oh, to tell her i have been married 4 times, 1st to an abuser, 2nd to a homosexual, 3rd to a psychotic, and 4th i think i may be doing ok .i too have a facebook account, but i only go there once in a while. there have been some "will you be my friend" notices from people that went to school where i did (not all of them "when" i did). but for some reason i never accept them. why would i want to know how great life is for them? it reminds me of the christmas letters people send out, little johnny is now a doctor and suzy is a rocket scientist, the grandkids will graduate high school at the age of 10 and we are traveling the world in our winnebago spreading appleseeds wherever we go. i sent one of those out a few years ago, but it wasn't anything like was the reality of my life, with the tim burton twist it has had. it was actually pretty funny, because through it all, one just has to laugh.
sheri also mentioned napping in her recliner, which brought back fond memories for me. when i realized my 2nd husband was gay i started sleeping in my recliner (he wasn't going to give up the bed). and i slept in my recliner for over 10 years. it almost broke my heart this year when mike made me take it to the dump. i looked like granny from the beverly hillbillies riding in her rocker in the back of their truck. i couldn't help it, the butt grooves (or, in my case, craters) were so perfectly fitted to my arse, it was almost a work of art.
tim took me out tonight to see the space station go over. he has been trying to show it to me since he found a website that tracks it and tells when you can see it. only problem has been that i work nights, and the nights i was home it was overcast. but i did finally see it tonight. he said it goes about 17000mph. so of course i related to him the big joke of SKYLAB from my youth. remember that? things sure have changed. remember the car seats of old, that just had two hooks to hang it over the front seat. how did we ever survive?