Saturday, December 5, 2009

not a lot going on (seems like i always say that). i have been off from bear creek since tuesday, and i go back next tuesday. it's sort of an "on-call" thing. even winco is pretty slow in the demo area. just 6 hours this wekend and none next week. time off is a good thing. i get to do my useless workout every morning because my foot isn't killing me. i also keep the house cleaner. and get this..I ALREADY HAVE MY CHRISTMAS TREE UP!!!! mike asked me to put it up early because he loves my tree topper. it isn't an angel or a star. i got it from avon a few years ago. it's a santa in a sleigh being pulled by one reindeer (i assume rudolph, because he has a red-nose), or it could just be a tanked up blitzen??anyway, he goes around and around the tree. so the other day mike says "how far do you suppose he goes?"...well, the challenge was on. i got a tape measure and measured how long the bar is that holds it away from the tree, then i figured out the circumference (had to go on line to find out how to do that),then i had to time each revolution, and from there it was all calculator. so just in case you are wondering, santa goes 25" every 10 seconds, which is 150" minute, 9000 inches an hour 216,000 inches a day or 18,000 feet a day or (drum roll please) 3.4 miles in 24 hours. which all goes to prove one thing...sometimes too much time off is not a good thing. when i gave emily all this vital information (someday she may be married, with children and have this collectible on her tree and one of her darlings will ask just that very question), do you know what she said? she said "and you want to know this because...?" all i could say was "it seemed important when i started". oh, i also have just about all my christmas shopping done...God, i love Amazon. i found just about everything i wanted, for a lower price than downtown and almost all was free shipping. the only thing i am getting downtown is a new monitor for tim (pc kind, not lizard kind), and mikes jacket. so almost everyday i get these brown boxes by ups or mail and i just keep putting them under the tree. emily asked me the other day if i was going to wrap them or just leave them that way. SAY WHAT??? apparently she didn't learn much from the "box, instant, canned, frozen, package" thanksgiving dinner i prepared. but, in getting with the spirit of the thing, i bought wrapping paper and bows today. i hardly ever buy bows, it just seems so wasteful. but they looked kind of pretty. i already know what mike is getting me. and as much as i hinted and came right out and said isn't the PET HAIR ERASER vacuum. he refuses to get me an appliance. so the other day i was sitting here (right here in this very chair) on amazon and i said "here's what i would like..a kindle". i was truly jesting..not about liking to have one, just about him getting me one. so after explaining what it is, he said ok. HELLO!!! $259!!! I said no way..too much money, but he said it was either that or the shitty gift he was going to get me. I am glad we went with the kindle, i wanted one last year but they were over $350 then and impossible to get. he told me he was going to get me another heat conductor. it was a black hills gold ring. we call them heat conductors because when i do cinnamon swirls at work, if i forget to take of my wedding ring i end up with a red burn mark all around my finger for days. so my kindle is here another brown amazon box under the tree. i am pretty excited about this. i researched it a lot, and it appears to be the best e-book reader out there. and bestsellers are almost all $9.99, not $20-$25 like at barnes and noble. one of the down sides is that if a book goes out of print or something, amazon will remove it from your kindle..even though you paid for it. kind of "big brother" but how often does that happen? most authors want to keep selling books. he is going to want me to open it early, but i won't. it's the only present i will have under the i am waiting until christmas.
and then there is the big christmas weight loss that i can see, and only 3 weeks to go. i knew this would happen. but as doris day said "que sera sera". (my sister always pronounced it kay sarah sarah, so that's how i always think of it). if i look fat in the family photo it's because the camera always adds 50 pounds gee, i hope they only have one camera.
so, am i going to put up christmas lights outside? I do not know. i leave them up on the eaves all year, so those are all faded now, but i still have to get up on the ladder and clean the leaves out of the gutters. and i usually put lights along my front fence and on my windmill. but it has been so friggin cold here. since last week it has been in the 20's and foggy..foggy...foggy. then, since we live so close to the airport, they are always "seeding" the fog, so every morning it is a white icy frosty mess. tomorrow the fog is supposed to be gone and it is going to warm all the way up to 33. i am just not a winter person, never have been, never will be. don't like fog, snow, ice or cold. i won't even eat ice cream in the winter as a form of protest against mother nature. so, depends on the weather on if i decorate outside. some people really get into that outside stuff. there is a house in town that must have about 10 of those big balloon decorations from walmart (the kind that run a motor)
hey, i will be the first to admit that they look reall
y cool at night, but these people turn theirs off in the day time, so when you drive by, it looks like some kind of balloon wounded knee. big heaping piles of dead balloon carcasses all over the lawn. actually, even at night it has more of a sleazy carnival look, than a christmas look. santa as the bearded lady, elves for the perverted dwarf that every sleazy carnival has, snowmen for clowns and i don't know where the penguins fit in.
and lastly, there is MONK, or should i say there is no MONK. i watched the finale last night. no trudy in the witness pr
otection program. the ending was actually ok. he got trudy's killer, he met trudy's illigitimate daughter and he keeps working..and in the end he isn't even wearing a tie. the new laid back monk. i haven't been this upset about a series ending since magnum p.i. went away. i think i will just sit here and contemplate a magnumless, monkless world and watch santa do his 3.4 miles.