Saturday, August 29, 2009

such a week, yet again. mike finally went to the dr. he has been having a lot of pain in his left nut, before she gave him pain pills and said to take it easy. now though he was having a pain and burning in his side. she sent him for a CT scan. she thinks it could be back muscle, appendix or maybe an intestinal infection of some kind. she will call this weekend if it is serious, if not too bad she will call monday. he is all worried, though acting macho. funny how guys are about that. today he is feeling pretty good though, she did give him some meds to help until she figures out what is wrong. he doesn't want to miss work because they just got a new manager and the guy is really being a dick. but we all know how it is when someone new comes along..they have to prove how great they are no matter how many enemies they make. i went in yesterday for a demo and the atmosphere is already changing, you can feel the tension all around. it's kind of sad really, it was a pleasant place to work, for me it's just part time but i feel bad for the full timers.
on another note, my dad used to say that you learn something new everyday. well, guess what i learned friday. i was mowing my backyard
and my new lawnmower, which i just bought last year, was sounding all putt-putty instead of going VRROOM VRROOM. i figure my walmart special is going to blow a gasket or throw a rod or some other mechanical thing. so i got out the manual and looked up trouble shooting. Did any of you know that a mower has an airfilter that needs to be changed? I sure didn't. I opened up this little door thing and took out the filter and it was pretty dirty, so i went to walmart, got a new one for $4 and went home. when i opened the package there was this little foam square so i deduced that there must be an old one of those to replace also. Out to the mower i go, and i see this old foam piece that is so black it looks just like part of the plastic casing. i pull it out and there is at least a half inch layer of dead grass covering the thing..i was suffocating my mower. i put the new foam and filter in and now it goes VRROOM VRROOM again. i felt so mechanically inclined...maybe next summer i will check the oil in it.
yesterday during my demo Brian came in. he is this old guy that is a member of the southern oregon brainstormers. it's a group like Mensa only just the opposite. they are all brain damaged to a degree, brian had a car accident in '63, but he went on to finish college and help other disabled people. he is a really funny old guy. we talked for about 20 manager or not. i really welcomed the visit..i was doing another bleach talking demo.
tim will be 19 in 2 weeks, i feel so old...but i already felt old. he wants a bigger hard drive for his xbox. at least he isn't wasting his youth on expanding his education or anything like that. i don't kn ow what will become of him. as i mentioned before, he is my biggest worry in life. what happens to a person who just won't talk?