Sunday, October 11, 2009

day 4 of my quest to go to the other side. i have tae-boed 3 days in a row, but i took today off. emily had a girlfriend spend the night, and i didn't want to wake them by jumping all around the living room. (does that sound like a good excuse?) i am not hardly sore at all, which i guess means i am not working hard enough. tomorrow i will try for 35 minutes. i also have another incentive to lose weight now. i read on the internet (what did we do before the world arrived?) , that obese people are going to cause the demise of the mitten industry!!! it seems fat peoples extremeties stay warm longer so they don't need to cover them up, now the mitten industry is going to die because of obesity. however, there was no mention of the glove industry....i couldn't figure that out, but i think now i have it. fat people have fat they don't wear gloves (to constricting.)so the glove industry can continue to cater to paris hilton and all her anorexic friends.
on another note,mike got a part time job at bear creek. he worked there before but quit to go to winco, now he asked his old boss if he could just work 4 hours a night til the season is over, to earn the money for our trip and to buy me something nice for christmas. so now he is full time winco/part time bear creek and i am full time bear creek/part time winco. i told him it's ok, as long as he doesn't start getting all crabby. every time in the past he has worked two jobs, he gets impossible to be around. he is just nothing without his 10 hours of beauty sleep every night. he has mentioned getting me a piece of jewelry, but he doesn't know what. i guess thats nice, but i am not a jewelry person. he already gave me an engraved ankle bracelet that i can wear all the time (once every six months i take it off to shave under it, otherwise i have to start braiding the hair around my ankles).and we have matching wedding bands. the thing about jewelry is that i can't wear it to work. the only thing allowed in the bakery is a plain wedding ring, nothing with stones, and no necklaces, earrings, nose rings, tongue rings, belly button rings or rings in places i don't want to think watches or bracelets. so besides the anklet that no one knows i wear, what else is there? i wonder if i could convince him to buy me a 32" lcd tv, that i will wear around my neck.