Sunday, April 4, 2010

HAPPY EASTER! This year is certainly flying by. Ben is going to be 33 on the 15th and Emily is going to be 18 on the 27th. I AM OLD!! I feel really old, but maybe I am just tired. I called in sick to Bear Creek on the 23rd of last month ( I wasn't really sick though, i just needed a day off). That is the last day I will be off until at least the 16th of this month. For anyone counting, that will be a 23 day run. This whole part-time (???) winco thing is really beginning to suck. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for at least 6 hours (today was 8). That is 58 hours a week....and when the weather gets hot and my pool looks so inviting, but instead of jumping in it I head on out to winco to hear "there isn't a pretzel in my cheese" or "don't you have any coupons?" or "do you only have one flavor to pick from?". But there may be a bright spot on the horizon. Karen (only other demo-bot) told me she heard a rumor that winco may be outsourcing the demo gig to a marketing company and we would have to reapply for the job with them. SAY WHAT??? You must be kidding!! A) THIS JOB SUCKS!! B) I don't like working 7 days a week..I too have a life (such as it is). C) After doing this for over a year, no way am i going to reapply for the same job. D) Apart from my husband, I don't like anybody working there and E) People suck when it comes to free food. I would quit now, but I have never quit a job in my life, unless it was to move on to a better job, also, I do like the extra money...but mainly, in May winco gives anyone there over a year a cash bonus based on how long they have worked..that's only 6 weeks away for a possible $200 bonus. So I am just biding my time to see what happens and how long I can stick it out.
MONDAY So obviously I don't have much else to blog about. I started doing some old Sweatin' to the Oldies workouts along with my elliptical. I still haven't lost any weight...I doubt if I ever will. I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast (just a regular size bowl..not a Jethro Bodine bowl)..a yogurt for my first break, a tuna sandwich and yogurt for lunch, and a yogurt for last break. Plus somewhere in the day i eat 2 oranges and one apple. I would eat bananas because I love them, but they really make me gassy. That's my diet 4 days a week. On winco days I just go to McDs and have a grilled chicken snackwrap for lunch, then I have dinner with Mike and the kids which is whatever we are having that night. But I don't pig out or anything. It's always been hard for me to lose weight, but I can sure gain it in a hurry. Ask me to beef up so I can play the part of Oprah in a movie and I will be there in 5 days (of course it might take a few tanning sessions to make it all real).

Any other scintillating news? No. Tim got the lawn mowed, finally. The grass was so high, so I told him I would raise the wheels and make it easier mowing. Then about 2 hours later I went out and said "boy, this grass looks really short". OOPS!! Silly me. I lowered the wheels instead of raising them. Next time he mows I will try not to help him so much.
It's very windy here today. It has been for several days now. I love listening to my wind chimes. Of course, the wind also tends to make the internet rather does rain, snow, sun, drought, flood, ice, airplanes flying over, submarines in the artic using sonar and the ice cream truck going by ringing his hear the cable company tell it though, it's always something in my system that makes the internet quit. Funny if I pay my bill late they call me right up with a "reminder", but if I call 5 times a week about my internet being out again all I get is a runaround. I have thought lately about starting a log book, and everytime I lose my connection I will write down the time and the duration (if I am still alive by the time it comes back on). Then I will take my log book in and demand that they prorate my bill and knock off all the time I lost. I have heard that the problem is that Charter is running high speed internet out to this area but they are just using old cable lines, not the newer fiberoptic shit. I guess that sounds as plausible as anything else. Unfortunately, where I am, Charter is my only option for high speed.
I went shopping this weekend after work...I forgot to buy my pantyliners. BIG OOPS!! This topic has been discussed here before, so I won't dribble on and on about it. But, when it comes to pantyliners my motto is the same as american express "don't leave home without it". Because I am like the energizer bunny...I just keep going..and going..and going. But I think I have come up with a solution. I'm going to buy some of those DRI-Z-AIR crystals and make my own tampons filled with them. If that stuff works as good as they say, not only will my crotch be nice and dry, but it won't have any mildew or mold growing either. No more truffle sniffing pigs following me around with their snout up my crotch. (yeah, like that never happens to the rest of you).
Well, time to get ready for work..again. Funny, I used to hate my job at Bear Creek, but since starting at Winco I have realized it isn't that bad. Working with the public just isn't my thing at all. But, when I look at the news, which is all day long, I realize how blessed I am to have a steady job, and the part time job is an added blessing (I think). I'm trying very hard to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty, I will keep that up until I have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.