Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have bin frinded by a frind of a freind on Fasebook.
She soonds viry nice, butt donut have spellchex.
It takes me ours to feegure out her posts on my whall.

Don't think I am some intellectual snob because I am not. I get all kinds of little red squigglys from my spell check. But for those instances I keep a dictionary on my desk. I kid you not, some of her posts on my wall are almost indecipherable,(red squiggly on that one..will look it up). In just one post I had "henharted"= inherited, "treable"=terrible and "clorestes"=cholesterol (yes, that is a hard one, I agree). And some I have never ever figured out. Like her "strict drawn computer". But, like I said, she soondz like a nize porsun and thooz are hard two finde in thiz wurld.