Monday, September 28, 2009

monday morning..9:28..i will be going back to bed for the rest of the week now. i already knew work was going to suck because we are doing the dreaded cinnamon swirls for two days and if that isn't bad enough there is more. i had the kids fold the laundry while i was at work yesterday and they had my clothes all nicely folded in the basket. when i went to get some out to take my shower i found that emilys cat was apparently locked in all night..and she left me a present. a cat that never shits in the house decides to do it her one and only time in my clothes (i guess that should be ON my clothes, she wasn't actually wearing my clothes). so now everything is in the washer..and you know my panty situation..i will be here waiting for all to get washed (at least once) and then dried. i ask you, if this is how the week starts, is there really any point in going on? or maybe should i be the optimist and say, what worse thing than this could go wrong? it could only get better, right?
this kind of brings up a point i tried to make to mike. booboo is a very picky eater, but every day when i take her to my car to go for our walk, she runs over to my dirt pile and digs around for a cat turd to eat. well, mike always worries about her not eating, so i suggested..and i will let you out there be the judge of this idea..why not just feed the dog food to the cats, let them shit it out, then let her dig in the dirt pile for her dinner. shoot, the cats get fed, the dog gets fed and she gets some exercise too. seems like a no brainer to me.