Sunday, September 6, 2009

it's a lazy sunday morning. i don't have to be to winco til 2, and it's very cool right now (only 49 degrees), so no hurry to get the dog walk over with. I guess i could be cleaning the house..but then it wouldn't be a lazy sunday morning anymore. so i will just sit here and listen to the news and here all about the big H1N1 pandemic coming. don't these people ever get tired of being chicken little with their whole "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" crap. four years ago it was "we are all going to die from the bird flu" and less than 300 people died of it in the entire world. now less than 500 people have died of swine i missing something here? how many people die every day of cancer or in car accidents or waiting for transplants? i would venture a guess that it is way more than 500. and what is the big news story.."WASH YOU HANDS".."GET A SHOT..when it becomes available in your town"..i see two possible outcomes here. first, we will all die of swine flu so it won't matter, but more likely, nothing will happen, the usual amount of people that die of flu every year will die this year and then government will claim that they saved us all from a pandemic(just like now, if you still have your job they are claiming they have "saved" millions of jobs). It used to be Obama was going to "create millions of jobs" then somewhere it became "create or save" millions of jobs. so, how do you prove that you saved someones job? and tell that to the peons at GM who still got laid off after their big takeover.
enough politics, i'll just change the tv to some bad scifi. and why did the scifi network change their logo to SyFy? what is the world coming to?
i do have my usual winco stories. yesterday this lady came in in a wheelchair. she was fine
except for she only had one foot, the other leg stopped at her ankle. she had on this teal covered converse hightop, and, of course, the first thing that crosses my mind is "it must suck to spend twice as much money for shoes as what you actually have to". it's not like she could save the right shoe and use it when the left one wears out. so what happens to all the right shoes that she gets? maybe there is a shoe bank out there for one-footed people and someone else is in the market for a right foot teal converse high-top in that size. of course that person will probably get the swine flu and die, then that shoe will be forever wasted.
tomorrow is labor day and i have the day off from both jobs. we are back on our regular bear creek schedule (mon-t
hur) and winco (fri-sat), so a day off is rare again. but that means friday will be a double day winco from 2-6 than bc from 6-1:30. Bear Creek is funny that way, if you have a paid holiday then you have to work your day off to make up for it..and the whole world says "DUH?? why not just work the holiday, get double pay and still have the regular day off. it comes out to less money, i figured it out. with a calculater even. i'm smart that way.
lazy time is over. time to shower and walk dogs. berit started limping on our ride the
other day. she has done that before. i can't see anything wrong on her paw so i guess i will take her to the vet and see what is up with her. hey, now that i think about it, it is her right paw..maybe she needs a teal converse high-top