Friday, September 25, 2009

today is a very special day. it is pay day AND i have the day off. we were sent home from bear creek early monday because a grass fire had knocked the power out, so we thought we were going to have to make it up today, but they decided we weren't that far behind. so i have a day off AND money. i am going to go buy new shoes. i know, i know. you are asking yourself that age old question..what about the panties? and, yes, the shoes cost at least 10 times more than panties. and the truth is, if my panties were hurting my crotch as much as my shoes are hurting my feet, then i would get the panties..but, they are not. so new shoes here i come.
here i am..Saturday new shoes or panties. i went to the shoe store and guess what! they were out of my size. so i paid $100 and had them order a pair for me. they should be here by Tuesday. i took emily to town because she still had some birthday money to spend, and we got her bicycle tuned up so she can ride it to school. she is getting her GED, all she has left is the math to pass (always her worst subject). last year I drove her in and picked her up before work, but this year the hours are different. it's 3pm to 7 pm, and mike and i are both at work. i hope she finishes before daylight savings time is over. i don't want her coming home in the dark.
it is so smokey out today. there are several big fires burning north of here and everyday the smoke just settles into the valley. yesterday the air quality was horrible..actually there was no air quality yesterday, the air was just BAD!! tim just told me the air non-quality is 164, that's already worse than it was all day yesterday...and the temp is going to be 95. its going to be a hot, miserable day. all the little birds at my feeders are hacking and coughing like they have been smoking a pack of camels a day. seriously, though, if the air bothers humans this much, what does it do to their little bird bodies up there flying in it all the time? i know it doesn't dampen their appetites at all. they can still empty my feeders in no time at all.