Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home from work at 3 a.m.
DRATS! A light shines on my pillow.
Not a full moon?
Why so much light?
Why haven't I noticed that it's
REALLY dark here anymore?

Honestly, I hadn't noticed until Tim and I tried to see the great meteor shower a few weeks ago that it is just not DARK anymore. The area is getting commercialized and everyone has big lights to deter crooks (cause they all have SOOO much to steal). When we were kids and slept outside it was so dark you couldn't see anything, now I can see all the way across the street. Or maybe when I was a kid it was just the same and I was just a big ass baby afraid of the dark, so it seemed darker. But either way, unless i arrange the blinds just so, and the cat doesn't get in the window and move them I will have a bright light shining right in my face. I like dark when I am sleeping (trying to sleep)...DARK AND QUIET! How far from humanity does one have to go in the world today to find absolute dark and quiet? No spaceship shit, though...I have that claustrophobia thing going on. I like air ALL around me, not just in a limited supply.