Tuesday, January 12, 2010

well, even though i have nothing to blog about, i must blog due to a threat to my most prized possession. someone threatened to turn my kindle into kindling!!! so here goes. now that i mention my kindle, i will go on. i now have 3 books on it. i finished the dome. it was actually a good stephen king. the ending didn't peter out like he has done on some of his books lately. for which i am most grateful. there is nothing like reading a 1000 page book and hating the ending. it's like watching a 3 hour movie and the ending sucks. all you can think is "i want three hours of my life back" i do have a kindle problem though. it has come to my attention that i am taking on the characteristics of smeagol. no one touches "my precious". mike lays in bed next to me and asks to push the button to change the page. yes, i know. most men laying in bed with their wives would be asking to push "other" buttons (wink, wink), i'm not sure what that says about us.....but i digress. sometimes i cringe and let him do it, but most times i say i will let him change the page when i am ready....then i very covertly change the page myself. gees, as far as he knows i am still on page 10 of a 1000 page book...and he must think i am the slowest reader in the world. am i bad?
then there is work. bear creek is still running. but the night shift bakery is down to a crew of 8. i don't mind the work, but with a small crew my boss is always hanging around and (crapasaurus) working on the line with us. it TOTALLY sucks. i am not sure how to describe her, except to say she used to brag about being a bitch...and believe me, if anyone is good enough at it to brag..it's her. some of us strive not to be considered nasty to be around in this life. but different strokes i guess. it's just a real downer to have her around so much. when we have a regular crew she usually takes a book and hangs around up stairs (she doesn't have a kindle). the nerve of her to ruin my whole day by hanging around and
what else? yesterday i woke up with a sore throat and today i feel really crappy. i can't hardly swallow and my legs hurt and my head hurts and my feet hurt (but my feet always hurt, so i guess that doesn't count). my sister-in-law sent me this friend survey (took a long time to finish it), but it asked how i felt today. i replied that i am so uncool that in a swine flu world i probably have the bird flu. but its a good thing i have a kindle, even in my weakened state i can hold it as opposed to a big bulky book.
uhmm. i worked at winco last weekend, all weekend. first time in a month that brenda had demos for me. thats probably where i picked up my bubonic plague. my black death. my curse from god. (oh wait..i don't have that anymore...no more tampons for this old lady). everytime i demo i am reminded just how rude people really are. i did armour meatballs for 2 days and gallo salami for the other day. gees, people crowd around the little table, they sneak back for a second sample (like i won't recognize them from, oh, 45 seconds ago). they are just animals. and they are apparently raising their kids the same way. the little kids stand there and cough on the food and touch every cup looking for the biggest one. shit, if that's what people are like for one crappy meatball, i can hardly wait until we have a massive famine. they will be eating their own young and chewing their feet off like a bear in a trap. and what is really funny, we don't use toothpicks (these dumbass people would probably poke an eye out), so every meatball has a pretzel stick in it. well, a few of the meatballs would split, so the pretzel wouldn't stick in it and i just stuck the meatball in a cup. then all you hear is "this one doesn't have a pretzel" "you forgot my pretzel" "can i have a pretzel for mine?" it just makes me hope that i am never so greedy for a freebie that i also complain about the way the freebie is delivered. it is all so traumatic that i just go home and hold my precious (i mean my kindle)...not always read it, sometimes just hold it. am i developing an addiction? could be. but it keeps my eating down, can't get crumbs on my precious.