Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what a long week it has been, but thanks to our schedule change i now have thursdays off from BOTH jobs. so even though today is wednesday to the rest of the world, to me it is an honest to god TGIF. i imagine i will spend the day mowing and maybe even take a dip in my frigid swimming pool.
the bike riding with berit is working out really well, she is surprisingly well behaved and no one has gone to the ER yet. i ordered this thing called a walkydog bike leash. it is a pole that hooks to my bike and then i just harness her up to it. the great thing is that it keeps her right next to me and she can't run in front of me like she has done a few times. i ordered it off amazon and it should be here frid
ay, it will be a lot more relaxing than holding her leash and constantly telling her to get back.
it is a cons
tant struggle to keep the pool from turning green lately. no one has been getting in it at all. funny how a few nights down in the 50's can turn a nice warm pool into a glacier. i think the only thing in there now is the creature from the black lagoon. but at least when he drops swamp weed in the lawn it puts a little green back in the dry grass.
sheri says in her blog that relationships can be so hard, don't i agree? two days ago i had a fight with emily..not really a fight just words. at 8 o'clock i had asked her to put her clothes in the washer and turn it on because i needed my winco clothes in the morning, so a t 10 pm when i go to get the clothes and put them in the dryer there is the lid, still open and everything just sitting in the washer still not washed and her clothes still on her floor. i started crying because i was just so tired and now i had to wait another 40 minutes for the washer to get done so i could go to bed, she said she would put them in the dryer and i said "no thanks, i need them in the morning"..yea, i know..low blow. so she got all upset and asked why i think so poorly of her. which is not true at all, i am actually quite proud of all my kids. none of them have had a silver spoon type of life. but being irritated because she is always "forgetting" to do the things asked of her does not mean i think poorly of just means i am getting pissed off. as i have mentioned before, the other human occupants in this mobil home are ages 19, 17, and 49. so why do i have to keep reminding them of the very few things i ask of them? emily is supposed to make sure dishes are done by 8pm, then mike is supposed to wash whatever dishes he makes when he gets home. usually i do dishes before i leave (especially if i have made dinner), so it isn't much, and once in a while i ask them to fold some laundry and pick up the apples in the back yard. tim always takes the garbage out, checks the mail and feeds the animals...these people are not over worked, i swear. but for some reason every time i ask a little thing of any of them i feel like i am asking them to climb mt. everest and bring me back a teaspoon of snow...not melted!! the one thing that really bugs me the most is my desk. tim has a desk in his room and on it sits a brand new computer that he got for graduation, emily has a desk in her room and on it sits a brand new computer that she got as a combo birthday and almost graduated gift, and mike has a desk in our room with his precious mac book on it. now, in the living room is my desk..with a fairly old computer on it..but its mine. so, riddle me you think i go into each of their rooms and pile soda cans or papers or fly swatters or any thing else on their desks? no, i do why is it that every night when i get home from work and just want to sit down and relax and pogo for a few minutes..why do i have to move various clutters off my desk just to do it? even though i don't want to admit it, i think it is because they have no respect for me or for how hard i do work just to try and give them a life a few millimeters above the poverty level. gee, i sound pretty whiney , don't i? i guess it's to be expected from somebody who doesn't even put their shoes on right. it was brought to my attention by mike that most people go sock..sock..shoe..shoe. well, i go sock..shoe..sock..shoe. once i heft that baby up to get my sock on it is staying there until the shoe is on too. no sense throwing my back out lifting the sucker twice, after all it took me 52 years to get them this size.