Monday, August 3, 2009

well, another fine monday morning. mike went and picked up my bicycle and i rode it up and down the scratches on me or the bike. i guess its true, you never forget how to ride a bike or drive a stick shift. tomorrow i will try taking berit on a ride with me, if this blog remains idle for a while you will know things did not go well. i really am pretty excited about this. almost to the point of not caring how big my butt looks when i am riding it.
yesterday was another fun day at winco. i saw carla. we used to work together at bear creek until she wa
s laid off..forever. i am not sure if i have ever mentioned her before but she takes obsessive-compulsive to a whole freaky level. don't get me wrong, i like her. i was one of the very few people that did. she is the one that bought big bags of skittles and then sorted them into jars by flavor so she could do her own mixtures. and she is the one that, when her dog died she realized she didn't have any pictures of him, so she taped his eyes opened and put him in various poses to take pics of him. and she took baggies out of the garbage to use so she never bought any, and she would use the same one for months. and every day she would bring the same kind of sandwich, some kind of meat and lots and lots of cabbage, then she would eat EXACTLY half of it at break and the other half at lunch..and i mean EXACTLY half. and she cut her own hair, so she would come in with an almost butch cut because she couldn't get the two sides even so she would just keep cutting. She is also a bit of a hoarder. she told me once she decided to bake some cookies and her flour was a few years past the "best if used by" date. so i asked how it turned out and she said they were fine, they tasted like really old cookies. but as happens with so many people at bear creek, especially in my dept. for my boss, she got a pretty raw deal and lost her job. oh, she also cannot go out in the sun hardly at all or she gets all rashy, so even yesterday as hot as it was she had on her standard flannel shirt and some really heavy pants. but she told me she had another nervous breakdown, which last time i saw her a few years back she was just recovering from her first breakdown. so, do we infer from all of this that a severe case of ocd can wear a person down after so many years? the constant pressure to do every thing perfectly as only you can do it? but, we talked for a while and i gave her my phone number again and got hers, so maybe we can keep in touch. maybe we can have an ocd day out and go down to the river and line up all the river rocks
and then this other guy came by, another one that when you look you can say "somethings wrong with that one" he was really loud and he just loved my imitation crab and cocktail sauce, so he was telling everyone how good it was. then up walks this big black guy with a little kid in his cart, and the first guy walks over and high fives him and says "what up friend? how about that downtown freddy brown?" and then he shots a fake basketball.
the black guy is just looking at him like, well, like he was nuts. i was about ready to die laughing, the total lack of political correctness was funnier than shit to me. if i was sure i wouldn't get fired i wanted to ask the black guy if his favorite movie was undercover brother..a true classic right up there with star wars and gone with the wind