Thursday, October 8, 2009

boy, did i do a dumb thing. mike asked me the other day if we could go down to his parents just for christmas eve dinner, and the family portrait they take every year. he said he wanted me in it before i die (which i will get to later), and i said "sure". well, what the hell was i thinking? when i first met his family i weighed about 130 (and still thought i was fat)..then a year or so ago we went down for his moms 80th birthday and i was a little heavier. now i am a lot heavier..and i don't want to go and have people thinking "god, what happened to her?" so now what do i do? if i start seriously now, it is 12 weeks til i have to go, how much could i lose in 3 months? or do i do what i normally do, which is start next week..then the next week..then the next week..til i am down to "OH MY GOD...I NEED TO LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 4 DAYS". so, this morning i got up and did 30 minutes of tae-bo..and you know what? it felt really good. that's how i lost all my weight before, i was 220 pounds after i had emily in 1992, and at 5'2" i was pretty round. i didn't walk anywhere, i just tucked my legs in and rolled. then i started taebo. i worked out one hour every day of the week and lost 90 pounds. for some reason once mike and i got married it all started going down hill. but in fairness to me, and this isn't just making up excuses, we also started doing 4/10s at work. 8 hours on concrete floors is bad enough, but 10 hours is a killer..and i walk all night long. the line people get to pick a spot to work and they have mats to stand on, but doing ovens means i am back and forth constantly. so now i get home at almost 2am, get to bed by 2:30 and wake up about 4 hours later (i think my mind just automatically wakes up after years of getting the kids up before 7 for the school bus). it all makes getting up to work out very difficult. anyways, i did 30 minutes this morning, and tomorrow i will go for 31. but, what really started the whole thing was the other night i got home and there was a newspaper article on my don't need to read it all, the title is enough. mike left it for me. he has always said he loves me whatever way i am, but when he read this it apparently opened his eyes. now he thinks i am going to die from fat. actually the whole article pissed me off..correct me if i am wrong, but doesn't being overweight cut EVERYONES life expectancy? don't fat men die sooner? fat kids? fat dogs? fat cats?who pays for a stupid study like this, where the outcome is obvious before it even begins? you might as well spend 20 million dollars on a study to conclude that most deaths in an airplane crash are the result of hitting the ground. and further more, i don't clip articles out on the dangers of smoking and leave them on his desk. oh well, i will keep you posted on my prepared for a blog on december 23rd wherein i beg god for a humongous snow storm to block the pass until march. you know the really ironic thing? i think mike is truly more interested in getting booboo into the family picture than he is in getting me in it.and she doesn't care how big her hips are, i should just let them go. he already emailed his mom to ask if it was ok to bring her. she said it was.
last night at work i had a bad momen
t, that this morning i can laugh about. there is this really nasty old lady that started a few weeks ago, and i really don't like her, so i just stay away from her as much as i can. last night she was racking on the cookie machine and when the depanners went to lunch i knew she would run out of racks close to her. so in order to be half-assed kind, i went clear to the other side of the bakery and brought two racks over, then i went clear to the other side of the bakery and brought two more. i parked them on the opposite side of the roller from her so they would be out of the way. then she said something that i didn't hear, so i said "what?" (thinking perhaps she was thanking me) HA! what she said was "could you bring those around to this side so they will be closer?" i just looked at her, took the full rack of cookies and walked off with it. of course, once i was in my oven room i let loose..if anyone had walked through i would have gotten a write up for my language. i wanted to go tell her "do you know how many f@#$ times i walk across this f@#$% building every f@#$ night?" and i also wanted to tell her "those 4 f@#$ racks are closer than the others f@#$ racks over in the corner that you can go get yourself, you nasty old b***h"... pardon my bleeps, but one of my pet peeves is working with lazy people while i am working my ass off. and the fact that this old lady seems to think everyone owes her something doesn't help...and she whines all the time too. but today i have a whole new attitude..if she comes anywhere near me i am just going to calmly look at her and tell her to back off because i have dr. kervorkian on speed dial.