Monday, October 26, 2009

geee, i guess it's been awhile. i could say that (thanks to sheri) i found my jewel quest game again, and got hooked on it. now i remember why i stopped playing it. i have been on the same level for these two weeks that i was on months ago when i gave up. now i am way behind on my pogo badges and life is falling apart.
had a fight with mike last night. we rarely fight so every time we do i have to remind myself that it's all cool. if he leaves my life goes on just like it has before. to make it sort of short, i fixed chicken for dinner and we were just getting ready to have one of our few meals a week together when emily brought the phone out and she was crying. it seems her boyfriend in mass. broke up with her. which i thought happened a couple of weeks ago and she was fine. but they had still been talking until last night. so i went in her room with her for quite a while, there really wasn't much i could say, just hold her and let her cry. i honestly didn't know she was so serious about him. they had discussed getting married!!! she is only can you make her see that this will pass and unfortunately she will probably go through it a few more times before she finds someone for her. so i didn't even try to talk much, just sat there with her. but then when i came back out, mike was all bent out of shape because i didn't eat with him. he went to bed pissed off..oh wait..did i mention he ran out of his last vicadin 2 days ago? anyone see a connection there? so then when booboo and i went to bed he kept petting her but to do that he had to sit up, and in so doing he pulled all my covers off. so after about 10 minutes of that shit i said "can i have some blanket please?" and he just sat there petting booboo so i said "i guess not" he jumps up says "you talk to f#@$%n much" and i said "excuse me" and he says "did i f%^$#ing stutter?" any way, it progressed to him sleeping on the couch til about 4 am and me calling him an asshole (which he is)..wait..let me digress. i left out the funny part. while i was fixing dinner he told me he was out of vicadin but he was ok, he didn't go around zombie like asking anyone at work if they had some. because (here is the good part, and i quote him "i just don't have an addictive personality" i have mentioned that he is an alcoholic and smokes a pack a day, haven't i? so what do the psychologist call this? oh i know DENIAL!!! shit, i have a weight problem and a food compulsion, but at least i admit it. i don't try to pass it off as a thyroid problem (hello oprah) or some metabolic malfunction. so, needless to say, it was very quiet here this morning. i got his clothes ready and his thermos of coffe then i took the dogs for a walk, came home and worked in the kitchen til he left. so know i have a text on my cell telling me he" is sorry will he ever quit being so stupid" what can i say to that. first thing i think is sure, maybe some day if he finds someone he respects he will quit being a jerk.
so, what else has been occupying my time? well, i have a mouse problem. i could hear them scampering around under the stove, so i put poison traps under there. i use
d to worry about the cats getting the mice filled with poison, but then i figured if i have four cats and a mouse problem, then my cats aren't eating the mice anyway. so this morning i looked and found a dehyrated mouse (not as in in all dried out). and tim dumped the corn in the trash for me, so that might also help. my brother works on a farm and got some corn on the cob. when my mom asked if i wanted some i said just a she gives me 2 big bags full. of course we couldn't eat it all and i don't have time to fix it up to freeze so it just sat on the porch getting micified. i bet those mice thought they had it made for the winter, a nice warm spot by the pilot light , 2 bags of corn on the cob,and 3 dogs to keep the cats away (like there was any real threat there).
as far as the tae-bo..well, i have been working out almost every day since i started. just maybe 5 days when i had other things to get done early so i skipped it. i don't see any change yet, except for the fact that my bad foot hurts more. and i really am trying to watch what i eat (wouldn't want anyone to sneak some nasty healthy thing in on me while my eyes are closed). what do i have left now?maybe 8 weeks? i can almost feel that last minute panic already, praying for a massive snow storm so i don't have to go. or maybe i won't even be married by then..after last night, who knows?