Monday, August 31, 2009

it's a beautiful monday morning..yippee. no bike ride for berit today though. i went yesterday with her and it was a big mistake. long story here, follow along. a few months back wincos washing machine that they use for mops and rags broke so they bought a new one. then instead of just paying the delivery people $20 to haul the old one away, they hunt for a place to ditch it for free..enter mike, because he has a the place is just down the road from us..we took it for them. now, 2 months ago..ditto story only it's the microwave from the break room. they could have just tossed the thing in the dumpster (not green, i know..but convenient), enter mike again. but this time he takes the thing out of his truck and it has been sitting in our driveway for 2 months (how redneck is that). so thursday i had room in my garbage can to finally toss it it goes to the dump. but unfortunately, even though it wasn't really heavy, it was quite awkward getting it in, and i almost dropped it. then in my effort to catch it i twisted my back (OUCH!!) in retrospect, i realize i should have just let it fall because DUH...IT WAS ALREADY BROKE!!! i tell you all that to tell you this...did you know that your back muscles are directly connected to your hip and leg muscles, and every time you push the pedal on your bicycle a shooting pain will go all the way up your back? I found that out yesterday...guess dad was right, you can learn something new everyday.
mikes doctor didn't call over the weekend so i guess he isn't in any imminent danger. my guess is the CT scan probably didn't show she still doesn't know what is wrong with him. doctors and their toys. i think they are going to kill us all with their knowledge.