Sunday, February 21, 2010

so much to blog about. i am sure given enough time, it might even be me blogging about it, but currently life is sort of dull.
i had today off f
rom winco, so to celebrate i went to winco and bought groceries. everyone here seems to think they have to be fed on a regular basis. what is up with that? sometimes they remind me of a nest of baby birds all squawking and cheeping for a worm. speaking of birds, it has been so nice and sunny here for about a week. i'm talking around 60 degrees. my daffodils are starting to bloom and my peruvian lilies are growing like crazy...and some hard core nuts are even mowing their lawns. i haven't even got my leaves all picked up yet..but i digress. i was speaking of birds. i finally filled my feeders for the first time in a month (am i a bad mom)? and i threw a bunch of old bread things out in the garden. after having no food out for so long, it always amazes me how the birds show up within minutes of the refills. do they send out scouts all the time? so now i have one less thing to fill guilty about. i hope mrs. levitt is smiling on me from heaven. happy valentines day to her.
i spent about 3 hours today giving all 3 dogs a bath (3 baths). berit loves water...outside, all summer i can't keep her out of my sprinklers or the dog pool, but she doesn't like the bath, but she does behave for it. booboo doesn't like water but she is a good dog so she just goes with the flow. badger, from this day forward to be known as P.O.S. (piece of shit), was an absolute..well, piece of shit. i swear it took me half an hour to get him in the tub, and then he just keeps moving further and further away. you wouldn't think he could get very far away in a tub, but i am sure he was at least 50 feet away. and the little piece of shit actually growled at me when i tried to get him in. i don't know who he thinks will be feeding him for the next month, because it sure won't be me.
did anyone notice in my last blog t
hat i didn't even mention my kindle? i swear i love that thing. i now have 24 books downloaded to it. do you want to know what is really cool? i can go to amazon and browse books for hours and hours. it's so much easier than going to barnes and noble and being overwhelmed. (not to mention everytime i went to barnes and nobel i always have to, how shall i put this?..move my bowels). there is something about that store that just makes me have to go.i swear, if i am ever constipated i can just go to B & N. it works better than ex-lax. but one of the best things about the kindle store, a lot of the books are free...yes, i said free. lots of the classics like moby dick and that kind of thing are free. and every week they have a few others for free. and lots of books are only 99 cents or $1.99 it's like going to a used book store only cheaper. even used paperbacks are $4.99 or so here. most of the time they charge half of the new price. and another big plus is that you can download a sample of any book for no fee, then if you like it you can buy it and if you don't you just delete it. it is truly a great invention. so every body else can get their new i-pad or think pad or whatever they call it, i will just keep my kindle.
then there is the elliptical, otherwise known as "the rack" the torture machine" and various other names. the thing is a killer..but i love it. it
has 4 weightloss workouts, 4 cardio workouts and 8 or 12 target toning workouts. they are 30 minutes long. so far i have gotten up to 17 minutes, then my heart rate is 140, sweat is pouring off me and i think i see mrs. levitt flying by on her bicycle, mumbling something about me and my little dog too. (after today she can take p.o.s. formerly known as badger)., and stuff him in her little basket. tim has been using the elliptical too. but he actually does an entire 30 minutes, of course he is only 19 and slim. i hope it helps his knees, they have been bothering him lately. i'm sure obama isn't going to cover a knee replacement for him.
this week i am taking th
ursday off from bear creek. nothing as exciting as another trip to a blazer game though. nope, this week i get to have a root canal. see, the fun just never stops. i was just going to get the tooth pulled, even though it is in the front. i figure my life is more than half over so one less tooth is no big deal. but the dentist wants to "save it". of course he does. it's like the commercials: cost to insurance $1200.00...cost to patient $ bank account..priceless. i can hardly wait. last time i had a root canal on a friday (different dentist..for sure), and saturday it started hurting, saturday night it was very bad, sunday it was excruciating. so monday i go back and this ditzy blonde looks in my mouth and says "Oh, it's infected" giggle giggle. so, anyway, thursday i get a root canal to save one tooth. then, while i am still reeling from the thought of a root canal, the dentist asks me if i would be interested in getting a bridge to replace my back molars that were pulled years ago. what the hell is he thinking? remember? 52? life half over? next i figured he would ask if i wanted braces to straighten my teeth before prom night.
guess that's all my news for now, such as it is. if there are never anymore blogs after thursday, you will know i was either killed by the root canal or the elliptical. sometimes when i get
on it i feel like george jetson.."help, jane, get me off this crazy thing".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

been a long time since i blogged. i can't believe it's the middle of february already. tomorrow is valentines day. never been one of my favorite holidays...another childhood trauma. in the second grade we all made those little folders you hang on your desk so all the kids can give you a card (whether they like you or not). anyway, for some strange reason i got it in my head to snitch a bunch of my own valentines before the big party day. i sneaked them into my lunchbox and took them home. so, as a result on THE BIG DAY i only had a few cards. i can still remember mrs. levitt ( was first grade) looking at me with this look of pity because i had no friends. and i can really remember how guilty i felt, it has plagued me all these many years (and all so i could be the first to open my little puppy and kitty cards, truthfully though, i was always a fat kid so i was probably just after the candy).
speaking of candy and fa
t. i had to take booboo to the vet a couple of weeks ago. she hurt her shoulder. we found out she has gained 11 pounds since we got her. so unfortunately her and i are severely limited on our red vine intake. i don't bring any into the house now. but i try to have some in my car once in a while, that way she can have one when we go for our walks. but, just to make sure i don't eat them all, i put them on the floorboard on the passenger side so i can't reach them while i am driving along (and mindlessly munching down the whole bag). this plan works pretty well, except for wednesday, when i really wanted a red vine on my way to work. i was driving down the freeway about 65 mph and trying in vain to reach the bag (i could almost see over the dashboard a few times). finally i gave up (some drivers get really pissy when you swerve into their lane and it looks like no one is driving your car). gees, you would have thought i was texting or talking on my cell with the attitude they took. that kind of brings me to another topic. oregon now has a fine for talking on your cell phone while driving. is this a good thing? is it even practical? i can understand not texting and driving, but just talking doesn't seem so bad to me. is it anymore distracting then someone fumbling around to light a cigarette or find a radio station or put in a different 8 track tape? (remember those?) heck, two years ago for christmas mike and i got each other new nanos. they play video now and sometimes when i miss dvring an episode of a favorite show (house, csi etc), i will buy it on itunes and watch it at lunch time. i could be watching that going down the road and it wouldn't be breaking any laws, but god help me if i call someone.
tim and i also made our yearly trip to portland for the blazer vs. san antonio game. we had a great time. the blazers won the game, by 3 points, and it was really an exciting game. the blazers were behind by 10 points going into the 4th quarter, but they pulled it out. and tim duncan played. that is tims favorite player, so it was all good. just a couple of bad parts to the whole thing. "aunt flo" came to visit a day before the trip. i hadn't seen her in almost 8 months. the bitch!!! (i figured it was gods way of telling me not to get uppity because i got new undies). yep, nothing breaks in a new set of undies like having your first period in 8 months. and the rental car i got was really annoying. one of those really computerized modern things. all the way there it kept showing "change oil soon" instead of showing the mileage. then the game was over at 10:30, we hit the freeway at 11 and figured we would be home by 3 a.m. unfortunately, about one hour from home the "change oil soon" started alternating with "check tire pressure"...and about 2 minutes later we heard that old familiar womp..womp..womping sound. but i get the roadside assistance when i rent. so i called aaa (20 minutes on hold) and then the tow truck driver got there around 4a.m., then we had to drive home at 45 mph on the little donut tire. just a small question here. who decided to put that little donut tire in the trunk instead of giving you a regular spare tire that matches your other 4 tires? for the prices they charge for a car, the damn things should come with 5 real tires, not 4 tires and something they ripped off of a matchbox car. so we got home a little after 5. i was prettty tired since i hadn't got off work until 1 the morning before and got up at 7. but it was worth it. we got the same t-shirt at the blazer store. mine is just bigger than his. they have brandon roy and clyde drexler on them..a new player and a blast from the past.
oh, another big news flash. not sure if i mentioned this before, but i finally went to the
foot doctor. my feet are virtually pain free. i should have gone a long time ago. so, in order to celebrate i bought me an elliptical. it's the golds gym stridetrainer 595, from wal mart ($447). mike and i just finished putting it together yesterday, and i rode it a little but i had to be to winco at 10 this morning so i didn't really get to work it very much. it has 4 weightloss workouts and 4 cardio workouts and 8 target training workouts. tim did a workout today. it's really good for him because he can build up his quads (which the dr. said would help him with his knees). i am really excited about this. i have several workout dvds but i have never bought an actual piece of equipment. now, as long as it doesn't become just an expensive clothes hanger all will be good. maybe i will get healthy yet. i demoed activia yogurt today. i like yoplait light and i like dannon fit and trim (?), but that activia is just nasty i think. but, anyway, while i was demoing i would see people go by with these strange green leafy things, and little orange and red round things, and long green stalky things. i hear they are called FR-OOTS and VEG-A-TABLES. i might have to check that out in my quest to get healthy. i understand you can find them in a place called PRO-DUES. (must be in the great beyond, further than the candy and chip aisle..cause that's as far as i go).
also, thanks to some people out there, i have become a fan of NCIS. i had never watched it until some people were always going on about it. so i dvred some old episodes on usa network. now i am hooked. it is a really good show. i also dvred a couple of the ncis las angelas but i haven't watched them yet. thank you, because i needed something to replace the crappy law and orders i won't watch
and finally for now, i was watching tv last night and a commercial came on for welches grape juice. the guy said the grapes are picked and squeezed within hours while they are still fresh. i lo
oked at mike and said "that has always been my motto when it comes to boogers"